Monday, June 28, 2010

Because I'm a sports a fan

As you can tell by looking through my work I am a huge sports fan, but I am also a huge sports design nerd. In the future I am going to try to make posts related sports design starting today with some NBA identity updates for the coming 2010/11 season.

Utah Jazz:

The logo is the same, but they changed the colors to ones that are reminiscent of the original colors from the 70's. They also revitalized the New Orleans Jazz identity as a secondary mark. This may be following the throwback trend we've been seeing with Philadelphia last year and Golden State this year. They also changed the typeface of "UTAH" back to that of the 70's mark.

For those who are too young to remember or just didn't know, the Utah Jazz originally played as a franchise in New Orleans giving some relevance to the name. I'm sure there is jazz music in Utah, but that's not what they are famous for like New Orleans is.

Orlando Magic:

The typography has changed finally, replacing the custom-type design that reeked of 1990, but they kept the basketball illustration from 2000. Maybe in another 10 years we'll see a completely new design. Who knows.

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